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Volvo Suspension Kit - Sachs KIT-536340

Volvo was founded in 1927 as a subsidiary of the ball bearing manufacturer SKF. The name Volvo means “”I Roll”” in Latin in reference to the ball bearings as Volvo was originally supposed to be a premium line of SKF ball bearings however they were never released. The company was founded with a primary focus on safety which remains at the heart of its core today. Volvo cars have always had the reputation of being solid, safe and reliable however they always struggled with sales volume compared to other larger European car manufacturers and Asian car manufacturers. They almost merged with Renault and then Saab at one point but remained independent until 1999 when Volvo decided to sell its car division to Ford. Volvo had some great years with Ford early on up to about 2004-2005 where they peaked. While Ford pushed Volvo into becoming more of a luxury car brand, they starved them of R&D funding. Additionally the prices of the cars increased during hard economic times and Volvo didn’t have any great lease deals or financing options. Car sales plummeted and it was then during the recession in 2010 that Ford was forced to sell off Volvo for 1.8 billion to the Chinese owned Geely. Geely has essentially acted as the “”Bank of Geely”” dumping billions of dollars into the company and more importantly letting Volvo be Volvo. Today your seeing impressive industry setting trends from the manufacturer giving the other key automakers a run for their money. The future is looking incredibly bright for Volvo considering their hard push to be one of the first in market to electrification and autonomous driving.

Volvo at FCP Euro

At FCP Euro our roots of selling Volvo replacement parts go back to the brick and mortar days in Groton. We chose Volvo because it sold and there was a large Volvo following in the Groton, CT area which forced us to have a large on hand inventory. We continued supporting the brand because it sold well and customers created the demand. As the years went by we all learned to appreciate Volvo, who they are, what they stand for, and what it means to the company. It’s our grass roots. We stuck with it and were fortunate enough to be one of the larger eCommerce players in the Volvo scene early on in the game. Our Volvo online catalog manager, Jason VanGorden has spent the majority of his professional career with Volvo; he’s a Volvo owner, enthusiast, has an extensive technical background and experience, and had achieved a Master technician status both within Volvo and ASE.

FCP Euro’s Volvo Online Catatalog

At FCP Euro we offer over 10,0000 Genuine, OE, OEM, High Quality aftermarket, and Performance Volvo parts including Sachs, Lemforder, SKF, Hutchinson, Zimmerman, Brembo, Valeo, Denso, Bosch, Etc. We service all Volvo models sold in the North American market ranging from model years 1960 to current. Our primary focus is from model years 2000-2015 with the majority of our sales being attributed to the Volvo P80 and P2 chassis. We choose these brands because of the quality and we choose the year range primarily based on vehicles in service and vehicles out of warranty. As we continue to see P80 Volvo’s phase out, P2 will continue to be our online catalogs focus, P3 will continue to grow, and our biggest opportunity right now is to build out the new SPA and CPA platforms. Volvo is showing some real growth within this platform both from customer demand and vehihicle ownership.

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